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These lessons were inspired by the Lord's wisdom to create a Sunday service for children that would meet the various ages of 3-10. This is a huge gap, but God is faithful. 

If you are in the same place where we are a one room children’s church, and you are struggling to meet each child where they are, hopefully this curriculum will help you see the great potential in having a one room classroom. Yes, it’s not always easy, and you must be flexible, but with God nothing is impossible. If you have various classrooms for various ages, this curriculum is for you. Each age group can be taught the same Bible themed focus including memory verses, games, and crafts.

How We Do It

For each lesson, all students gather at the beginning of class. Let me begin by saying, we always serve snack at the beginning of Sunday church. Many of our kids come to church rushed and hungry. we have found that if we provide a generous snack at the beginning of class it has changed the atmosphere. Their tummies are filled and they are ready to learn, praise, play, and craft. How we work it is since the Master Teacher is preparing for the lessons, the assistants are the ones who bring snack, which is more of a continental breakfast: Muffins, fruit, cheese, crackers – only water or milk is served.  Since we rotate teachers and teacher assistants’ weekly the cost is minimal, plus it is also an avenue to sow seed, which as a minister to children you already do lavishly I suspect. The Master teacher and assistants serve and greet children together.

We stay together as a group for snack, craft, and fellowshipping, (unless our little ones get restless), praise and worship, and offering, after snack and craft time, we clean up and prepare for offering and praise and worship, once we are finished we separate into our groups.

You may ask, how do you separate into groups when you are all in one room? Well, the Lord gave the greatest idea. Our 3-5 teacher takes her group to a far corner and she spreads out blankets (receiving blankets) she invites her little ones to join her on the blankets, she has visuals and stickers to keep them engaged around her as she gives them the Bible lesson and memory verse. She is provided with games (which go with each lesson) along with another small snack (little ones need snacks), they do a separate craft, she includes dress up,has baby dolls and things set up to have them hold if they get restless. 

Our 6-10 Teacher has children either sit on mats in the front of the class, or they sit at the tables, again teacher has visuals, games, and crafts geared to this age group,

The assistant teacher(s) are going from group to group seeing if a teacher needs anything. If a child is restless then the T.A. will sit with that child to keep their group focused and not distracted.  The T.A. also helps with restroom needs, setting up additional snack, craft and/or game.

GOD IS TRULY AMAZING.  Be blessed and may God give you the strength and joy to serve His precious children. If God has asked you to serve these precious lambs, then He will also give you creative ideas to feed them.

Be blessed,

Susie Bethel

Teacher Enrichment: Abram the Call to Leave


 There is a TEACHER ENRICHMENT section with every lesson. I know as a teacher I need encouragement and reenforcement of Biblical truths and also to get the vision where the Lord is leading in these lessons. 

Genesis 12:1-9 Camp Abraham is a study of so many things that our Christian foundation is founded on. The Bible says that Abraham is our Father of Faith, we are his seed. As you prepare and study to present each of these lessons I pray you will also be reminded of the foundation your life has been built on as a Christian, I pray your faith will be ignited to a blaze, and you will dare to believe God for all that He has so richly provided for you. Abraham knew and understood the integrity of God’s Word. If God said it, then he believed God would bring it to pass. Abraham knew God as a good God, not one that gives and takes away. Abraham knew God as a mighty God one that no enemy was bigger, greater, or more powerful. Our Faith Hall of Fame, Hebrews 11, displays all those that did exploits for God because they all had great faith and trusted in their God – OUR GOD. Plus, Abram's great-great grandfather was Noah so Abram was taught to obey and believe God. This was his heritage, just like it is ours.

From Advanced Bible Course Studies in the Deeper Life by E.W. Kenyon:

The Integrity of the Word: The WORD is God speaking to you. “Thus saith Jehovah” is repeated over two thousand times from Exodus to Deuteronomy. God and His Word are one. The Word is always now. Jesus is the Word. Jesus is the Living Word. Hebrews 4:12, “The Logos of God is a living thing, active and more cutting than any sword with double edge penetrating to the very division of soul and spirit, joint and marrow – scrutinizing the very thoughts and conceptions of the heart. (Moffet).

And now, notice carefully the next verse: “And no created thing is hidden from Him; all things are open, exposed before the eyes of Him with Whom we have to reckon.” The Word is called the Logos. Jesus is the Logos, and the Logos is a living thing - not in the book, not on the written page, but in the lips of the believer.

There is no created thing hidden from Him, this living Word. The Word searches us out, finds us.

Look at this paragraph carefully, read it a few times, then meditate on this Truth: The Word is our contact with God the Father. It is His contact with us. John 16:7-10 (ASV) “He convicts us of sin, of righteousness, and of judgement.”

He convicts us of our union with Satan: John 8:44-45, 1 John 3:10. He convicts us of righteousness: showing that although we are (were) children of the devil, Righteousness is available and belongs to us. He convicts us of sin because we believe not on Him. There is only one sin for which the sinner will be judged; that is the rejection of Jesus Christ.

The sinner will be judged of that one sin – rejection of Christ, but we as believers our judgement will be what did we do with our faith?

As we begin our study in Abraham we know that his faith, his believing the promise of God and obeying God made him, righteous with God. So we should be righteous, as his seed.

  • Read: Genesis 12:1-8, Hebrews 4:12, Hebrews 11.




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Camp Abraham Lesson 1

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