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Let me ask you do you have Women Events at your church? Do you have childcare during these events? If your answer is yes you know the challenge of making these event jammed packed with fun and engaging crafts, and games. This is an opportunity for your children's church to shine and have return visitors that become family.

Childcare for these events must be filled with various activities, crafts, and games while making them Christ centered. We want this time to be completely different from our Sunday or Wednesday service. We want to make sure our kids think this is totally play/fun time yet having seeds of the Word of God dropped into their hearts.

Our women's events always include a luncheon,  so we also include lunch with our childcare. We welcome their blankets and stuffed animals for movie quiet time. We want our mom's to be confident that their precious gems are fed and enjoying their day, so when the event is over both mom and child leave uplifted wrapped in the love of Christ.

During these events it is an opportunity for our church to shine and sow seeds of Jesus into little hearts. So much planning goes into this time, it cannot just be thrown together, we plan an agenda for the day.

We are planning a Tea Party for our upcoming Daughter's of the Light, women's event. I know some of you might be thinking, what about the boys. Boys love the idea of tea, maybe not all the fufu, but they will be making top hats, as the girls make their hats, they can put a tie on from the dress up area or a vest, place mats will be decorated, and all will learn how to conduct themselves with manners and proper etiquette. We are growing leaders, and leaders need to know how to conduct themselves in any environment. We are even going to incorporate a Mother's Day Gift craft, since Mother's Day is almost here. 

Bible Verse: Do you see a man who excels in his work? He will stand before kings; he will not stand before unknown men. Proverbs 22:29

Our Kingdom Kids are leaders, kings and queens because they are heirs along with Jesus.  God, called us all to be extraordinary. God has a mighty plan for our kids, we partner with their parents to prepare them for the plan!

I will add pictures after our event. 

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