Healing Scriptures for Girls


I created Healing Scripture cards for girls when a young girl in my church was and is battling a disease. It seems our children are getting attacked more and more with sickness and diseases that are life threatening, or life long. I believe and know that declaring the Word of God for whatever situation that is under attack is effective and does bring healng.

I created these healing scripture cards to be cute and inviting for young girls. Even if your daughter isn't experiencing any sickness or disease, why not build the Ark before it arrives, print these cards and laminate them for long term use, and begin reading one every morning and every evening before bedtime. 

Just click the button below to download your set for free. I am in the process of creating a Healing Scriptures for Boys which will be coming soon. 

God Bless you, and know that Jesus is your Healer!

Healing Scriptures for Girls

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