Mephibosheth A Story of Love

We go through life having victories and battles and we can become battle weary. We follow God with our whole heart and working out our salvation in our lives. If we have faltered on our path, if we have become disfigured in our emotions or our mind is not truly renewed, we forget who we are, or more importantly we forget WHOSE we are.

This story of Mephibosheth, is one of God’s love stories. God’s love goes beyond our hopes and dreams. His love goes beyond our disfigured emotions and our wrong thinking. His love is so surpassing. His heart of compassion never fails even when we do.

Mephibosheth, is a story about how God is always looking to bring us back to His table. He is always looking to do us a favor because He truly is a God of Love, He is love.  God is always looking for a way to show His love and compassion to a dead and deceived world. David didn’t even think twice about restoring to Mephibosheth the land that was his grandfather’s, and he went even further than that, he tells Mephibosheth, “You will eat at my table continuously.”  Not a onetime thing but every morning, every noon time, every evening.

Isn’t that so like our Father’s heart. He has given us back everything the devil has stolen, and then He gives more, He gives us blessings, and favor, and He gives us access to His presence continually, He gives us the Holy Spirit to fed, guide, and comfort us. He is an amazing God.

Take time out today and read this wonderful love story in 2 Samuel 9, as you read this story, allow God to pour out His love upon you. Pour out His blessings and compassion and allow Him to give you a new insight to how much He loves you, He is looking for ways to do you good, to show favor to you. Isn’t that worth worshiping and shouting about.

Mephibosheth had become crippled because his care giver had dropped him. As I read it I stopped and just thought about this story, and I see when she dropped him, his legs must have been broken and without the proper care and treatment the bones did not heal correctly which left him crippled. Something that could have been prevented yet this changed the course of his life. He allowed his handicap to stop him from pursuing his rightful position as King Saul’s grandson. Yet, David a man whose heart was like God, sought him out. And brought him out of the squalor of Lo Debar. He was living with others because he couldn’t take care of himself.

As I read this story it became so clear how we allow our past experiences to dictate to us our future. We can have a mentality of failure, lack of self-worth, stinking thinking as I have heard it said. We need to be continually on guard to ward off stinking thinking when we are in a battle, or our circumstances want to consume our thoughts.

God has called us to the table, and whoever will answer the call to eat at His table, will receive refreshment, healing, joy, courage, and faith to rise above any circumstance. He is looking for someone to do good to, I raise my hand and say, “here I am.” I pray you will raise your hand also, and tell the Lord who loves you so much, “Here I am, you can use me Lord, I will go and tell others about Your love. You want to do someone good, here I am.”

Spend time today praising Him for He loved you so much He sent His Son Jesus to come to this earth, live and endure all the suffering, for YOU! You were worth it! I am worth it! Hallelujah!


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