Mephibosheth The Love Story Continues

Mephibosheth The Love Story Continues


Mephibosheth is truly a love story. It is also a story of someone keeping their promise. David and Jonathan were best friends and they made a covenant with one another, they sealed the covenant with Jonathan giving his bow and arrows, and his robe to David. Jonathan was a prince, David was a shepherd. Jonathan had weapons, money, influence and power. David, had his harp and his courage and integrity.

Their covenant was sealed, but circumstances led them to depart from each other, but they both were committed to their friendship and covenant. It is many years later, David is now king and Jonathan has been dead for many years, maybe a decade or so. And David searches for a way to bless the household of Jonathan, even after death. He just couldn't help himself.

He finds Jonathan’s son Mephibosheth, and brings him from Lo Debar which mean Nothing, to restore to him all that was his grandfather King Saul’s, the land, servants, orchards, everything. Then David goes further and tells Mephibosheth, you will eat with me always.

This week in Oasis Children’s church, we brought this story to our kids.

I write the curriculum for our children's church, I had been praying how to bring this story to life for 3-10 year olds, to give meaning to the story and understanding, as I prayed the Lord gave me direction how to present this story, I went to my computer and typed up the lesson and emailed it to my teachers for them to prayfully read and pray, the direction from the Lord is alittle out of our comfort zone for those that would be teaching on Sunday.

Sunday arrives, our kids come in hungry, always! They come in and play for a short time, and then we serve them snack, our snacks have now upped to be more like a continental breakfast.  No more do their little tummies talk to them at the same time we are delivering God's word. This Sunday our "snack" was a full on breakfast; pancakes, eggs, tator tots, strawberries and canelope. The Lord truly prepared a table of food for His precious kids, which was totally unplanned, but went along with our lesson. Yep, that is Our God!

We had our breakfast, played, had communion and worshiped our King Jesus. Then I said, Okay, we need to clean up because we are having a visitor today. Some of the kids started guessing, “Is it my papa (this is one of our Pastor’s grandchildren)? I said, “No it isn’t Pastor Kenny.” Another child said, “Is it Jesus?” I said, “Jesus is already here.” Then others said, tell us who it is. I just kept saying you will see when they come in.

After we cleaned up and they were sitting down, I said, “Ok, I need to tell you something about our guest. He can’t walk. When he was little his nurse was carrying him and dropped him and his legs do not work. Also, he has lived a very sad life, being dropped and lame he couldn’t take care of himself, like get a job and such. Plus, he is a grandchild of a King. But his father and grandfather were killed on the same day during wartime. So he lost everything his father had.

But his father’s best friend is now king, and this king is searching for any member of his best friend’s family. He finds out that his best friend's son is living in the poorest dirtiest city there is. So the king sends his servants to bring his best friend’s son to him. When he arrives, they bring him to the king, and the king asks him, “Are you Mephibosheth?” He says, “Yes, I am” Then the king tells him, your father and I were best friends, and we made a covenant to each other. I have brought you out of Lo Debar and now I will restore everything that was your grandfather’s, the land, animals, orchards, and servants, and money.”  Mephibosheth, says, “Who me, I am just a dead dog.” (this is how low he thinks about himself) and then King David, goes one step further, “I will restore everything, but you will eat with me at my table, always, breakfast, lunch, and dinner.”

King David, has a heart like God. God our Father, sent His Son Jesus, to live and die for us, so that he can send disciples out to find us and bring us to King Jesus and Jesus can restore everything the devil has stolen. And then even more, based on Psalm 23:5  “I’ve prepared a table before you in the presence of your enemies.”

God can’t help Himself He wants to do you good. David having a heart like God, couldn’t help himself, he had to find a way to bless someone in his best friend Jonathan’s family. So, he looked for someone. Jesus looks for us to do us good.

So our visitor should be here any moment, let’s be on our best behavior.  (Our T.A. with a little boy puppet with wrapped legs knocked on our door and we invited him in.) Some kids said, “It’s a puppet.” But by the time Mephibosheth, left he had become more than a puppet.

Mephibosheth answered questions how it felt to not be able to walk. How it felt when King David restored everything that was his grandfather’s King Saul.

**Side note: We have a little girl that occasionally attends Sunday’s, she was in attendance this week, and she has suffered from operations and her legs in casts, not being able to walk – she is healed, she walks, runs, jumps, and twirls).  During our visit with Mephibosheth I said, Tabitha you know what this feels like don’t you? She nodded her head yes. I asked her, how did it feel Tabitha, she said, “It made me sad. I always wanted to cry.” I said, Yes but look at you now, are your legs healed?” She shook her head yes. I asked, “So now you can walk, jump, run, and twirl?” She said, “Yes” I said, “Praise Jesus our healer.”heart

When it became time for Mephibosheth to leave, I asked who would like to come up and shake his hand good bye. We went around the room as each child came up and shook his hand, and then Mephibosheth (teacher) spoke blessing over each child. You could feel the anointing in the classroom. One child said, “Ms. Susie you look like you are going to cry.” I said, “I do, because the words of blessing that are being spoken over each one of your lives, are setting you up for victory and success, to be courageous.”

One 8-year-old boy said, “I wanted to cry too.”

Then another boy of 10 years old, who was visiting our classroom for the 2 time, we offered him the opportunity to exchange his life for Jesus’ life. To give Jesus his life and allow Jesus to do something with his life, and he accepted and exchange his life for Jesus' his life will never be the same. I believe that he will be the one Jesus chose to bring salvation to his house and family.

We finished our day, by passing out Bibles to those who did not have a Bible, and we handed out a Bible Reading Calendar for August, we made book marks for our Bibles so we could mark the place we were reading. (if you want to get a copy of the Bible Reading Calendar click on the link below, also if you want to print out the book marks you can click the other tab to dowload). 

It was a glorious day!

Prayer, prayer, prayer, has made this opportunity. Yes God ordained and directed curriculum is a must, preparing, but prayer for class time the day before and during the week, and then that Sunday morning getting up early and spending time in God’s presence. Allows God to anoint you fully so you minister in His strength not in yours.

God is awesome. I truly pity those that have rejected Christ and live every Sunday like it is just another day. It is such a holy day, I know I would miss so much and not be who I am or have overcome so many things if I didn’t keep Sunday Holy to the Lord, and then live it Monday through Saturday.

God bless you! Go to church and make up your mind, whether anyone else goes to church you're going.  Say, "God you can count on me to be there in Your house, serving in Your Kingdom, using the gifts and talents You’ve given me. You’ve prepared a meal for me, I will come and eat."

To God be the Glory! Praise His Holy Name!

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