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Psalm 23 has been my life scriptures I run to when my world is changing or things don't look like they are going in my favor. Do you have life scriptures you run to? These scriptures have kept me in faith and trusting in my Shepherd. 

In every change in my life Psalm 23 has been how the Lord has steadied me, and helped me through the changes and insecurity a new season brings. These scriptures give me peace in the storms, and allow me to have faith and confidence that I will make it to the other side. 

Psalm 23 has been mostly used when people are saying good bye to a loved one. I believe David wrote these scriptures as he lived through the many challenges in his life. David was a shepherd, he fed, guided, and shielded his sheep while they were in his care. Remember how he told King Saul he had defeated the lion and the bear, he had even taken thesheep out the mouth of the lion. David, saw himself as a conqueror, yet he was humble to realize he was a sheep and God was his Shepherd. He knew the Lord would feed, guide, and shield him as he faced the giant Goliath, God had helped him conquer the bear and the lion. 

I have studied about sheep and do you know they are the most defenseless animals, they have no defense against any pretator. They have no sense of direction, if they wander off they get lost, they will not be able to find their way back to the sheepfold. If they fall on their back they cannot right themselves. Wow! They definately need a shepherd. Think about it, if the Lord is our Shepherd, and we are His sheep. We are defenseless against the enemy of our souls, we can wander off the path of life, and if we fall we can't get back up. It takes a Shepherd to protect us from the enemy, which He lived and died, and rose again to eternally defeat Satan. He gave us His Word to be a light for our feet a path to follow, and when we fall, we just need to cry out and He immediately comes and pulls us up. Our Lord, is so precious, and such a good Shepherd, 

Now we are no longer sheep, we are sons and daughters of God. Joint heirs with Christ Jesus. We have the same power and authority as Jesus does, and God loves us just as He loves Jesus. To me that puts a pep in my step, and it puts a smile on my face, and it lifts my head. I am a daughter of God Amighty. Hallelujah! I need to walk in faith as one!

I have a Bible Reading Calendar, do you? With this calendar plan if you complete the year you would have read the Old Testament once, the New Testament twice, Proverbs 12 times, and Psalms 2 times. I love it. It keeps me in the Word of God for sure. While reading I came across this verse, and as I thought about the words, this image came to my mind. "Preserves"- you know those cute jars, I love jars. I thought about how you make perserves, it is a process. I don't know the whole process of making jams and jellies, but when I have watched others the boiling of the jars is what always gets me, or should I say intimidates me from trying to make my own jams and jellies. It is the boiling process that keeps the preserves, preserved.

I don't know, I think life can put us in hot water sometimes, and it is our Lord and Savior and Father God that keeps us, and preserves us so we stay fresh and useful.smiley

    1. I love how you can read the Word of God and suddenly a scripture can just come alive in you. I love how God's word is active and alive. Diffuse the fragrance. I can smell the wonderful scents when you walk into a place that has diffusers, soft scents that just take you to another place. We are to be the same. People should be able to smell the soft scent of Jesus on us.

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